Prayer Movements

Operation Watchmen (Fathers) and Operation Hannah (Mothers) are non-denominational prayer movements which are dedicated to the mobilization and preparation of mothers / fathers.

The hope is that, through prayer and action, they will birth a new generation of leaders.


These programs sensitize and prepare parents to take the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on their children through prayer. These groups each meet once a week.


The objectives of Operation Watchmen and Operation Hannah are Conversion, Consecration, and Commission. Operation Hannah consists of about 30 women in Bujumbura who meet regularly to pray. A branch has also been started in Gitega, and there are hopes of starting another branch in Cibitoke. 


(+257) 75 625 286

Kinindo Ouest, Extention Avenue Nzero

B.P 459 - Bujumbura