Burundi Background


Burundi is a remarkable country in East Africa. It is only the size of the US state of Maryland, with a population of around twelve million people. Burundi has been plagued by civil war for many decades, the most recent lasting from 1993-2005. These wars have stunted growth in the country leaving it consistently ranked as one of the world's 3 poorest countries.


Many problems exist, including:

  • Many orphans, widows and widowers.

  • Extreme and horrible sexual immorality in people, which has increased HIV/AIDS.

  • Savage, barbaric and brutal behaviour in people.

  • Mental illnesses which demand a large number of psychiatrists for treatment.

  • Incredible poverty which left many families starving, and increased the number of street beggars.


Despite all of this, a new hope is rising among the Burundian youth. Hundreds and hundreds of young people are seeking a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. These young people need to be nurtured and trained to become people of intergrity, who can lead their peers by example, and who can change the nation.